M-Gold Green-C

Surface : Stone Nature

Size : 60×120 cm

Thickness : 2 mm

Flexible stone veneers are made from various types of slate, schist, or sandstone.
From a thin layer of stone stripped or peeled from a metamorphic stone slab, rather than cutting from a solid stone. Thin veneers (from 1.0 mm. to 2mm. thick) of slate, schist, or sandstone are pulled away from the original thicker stone slabs by adhering a thin layer of fiberglass composite backing.
As the materials are made from real stone slabs each layer varies as well the texture of each sheet has a unique finish.
It is used for both interior and exterior and especially where bending to a curved surface is required. Applications of flexible stone veneers include: window sills, ceilings, walls, columns, curved surfaces, furniture, light weight signage, lighting, shower and bath remodeling or new installations.

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